William seed做受

d into the hum▓an whirlpool and set out to battle my ▓way towards the vortex. With all its noise ●and bluster, an Italian crowd does not know the● rudiments of football.Even t▓he

wretch who had dispossessed ●me of my first vantage-ground was far behind▓ when I reached the front rank and paused to su●rvey the scene of conflict.Inside the wi●cket a dozen perspiring policemen were g●uarding several huge baskets of that b●aseball bread already mentioned.●Beyond them stood the inst

William seed做受

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rument that ha▓d attracted my attention—a pa▓ir of wooden scales that looked fully capable▓ of giving the avoirdupois of ●an ox.Still further on, an officer, whose ex▓pression suggested that he was recording n▓omination

s of candidates to fill the King●’s seat, presided over a ponderous book, a● pen the size of a stiletto behind each ear,● and one resembling a young bayon▓et in his hand. One by one the citizens of● Verona shot through a small gate into th▓e enclosure from the surging multitude o●utside as from a catapult; to be brought up w▓ith a round turn by the shouted question, “●Pound or two pounds” Once weighed ou

  • ning ▓sea of heads, appeared the top of so▓me mass
  • ive instrument, and th●e caps of a squad of policemen.I i
  • nquire●d of an excited neighbor the cause● of the squabble.He
  • glowered at me a▓nd howled something in reply, the only int●
  • elligible word of which was “pane” (●bread).I turned to a man b
  • ehind me.He took a●dvantage of my movement to shove me asid●e and cr
  • owd into my place, at t●he same time vociferating “pane!
  • ” I tried to▓ oust the usurper.He jabbed me twi●ce in the rib
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